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Non-profit Partnership "International Coordination Council of Educational Institutions Alumni

INCORVUZ-XXI coordinates activity of national and regional associations of Russian universities alumni, represents and protects interests of the alumni and its institutional members, expanse international cooperation in the field of education, scientific, technical and humanitarian exchanges with national alumni associations, assists in development of international relations of higher schools, development of cooperation in the field of education, science and culture with international organizations of the UN system, interstate, national and non-governmental structures, with universities of various countries and regions.


  • Non-governmental organization in formal consultative relations with UNESCO;
  • Special consultative status of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations;
  • Accreditation with United Nations Department of Public Information;
  • UNESCO/INCORVUZ-XXI International Chair founded in 1998 under the Agreement on Cooperation with UNESCO is a unique scientific-educational center in UNESCO’s UNITWIN system.


  • Encouragement of business ties and cooperation with national alumni associations;
  • Participation in the organization and carrying out of the world forums and regional meetings of alumni;
  • Assistance for improvement of professional skills of graduates, recruitment of foreign students to study in Russian universities;
  • Organization of exhibitions of the Russian universities abroad, recruitment of the Russian experts and teachers to be employed by foreign universities and enterprises;
  • Realization of the Cooperation Program with UNESCO;
  • Organization of educational conferences and seminars, refresher courses, scientific and academic exchanges in Russia and abroad;
  • Consultation, information, advertising and other services on basic directions of its Charter;
  • Realization of interaction with national and international NGOs;
  • Public certification of diplomas, received in Russia and other CIS countries on the basis of UNESCO Conventions.